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WIP: F-51D Mustang (Korean Wars) #1

Posted by tejodeace on 22 May 2009


Work in progress for Academy’s 1/72 F-51D Mustang (Korean). I bought this little kit for about $5 at local department store (sadly they are gone now, the kits section i mean). Nice little kit that has a good fit, except for the wing root, there are some gaps that must be filled. Cockpit section is good enough, it has raised details, a simple dry brush will make it good (but seems useless, the canopy is too thick, that it will distort light, making it blurry). And a jeep is included, a nifty little jeep 😀 cool, reviewed later :P.

Construction begin with painting the cockpit interior green, blacking the instrument panels, dry brush it with silver, then added red/green patch for dials (spurious spot :D). The next step is to glue the fuselage half and wing half, the masking the canopy. Propeller is attached before joining the fuselage half. Then fill the gaps in wing roots with putty, let it dry, the sand it down. Checking done by painting silver on the sanded part, and looking for imperfect surface.  I temporary attached the flaps for painting (gonna pose it down later).

Painting process begin with matte black spray (at the moment i still don’t have airbrush set 😦 … ), next is the silver paint (before that, propeller and anti glare part is masked). After paint are cured, i wash the the panel lines with black gundam marker and paint the wheel wells interior green. Then the exhausts and decals are placed. Next the mustang coated with clear paint (glossy one). With the clear coats is cured, the rest of masking is removed. Last part is to attach the landing gears (already painted, of course). Now the mustang is 95% done … it stopped there, hehehe … it’s not done yet (I’m too lazy, maybe next time, after I finished the 1/100 Astraea :P).

Sorry for the english, I’m not native english after all. 😀

Happy modeling for all ….

Here’s the WIP gallery:


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VC-00: Composite Styrene Squadron (2005-now)

Posted by tejodeace on 22 May 2009


This is the current form of my VC-00 (Composite Squadron-00) 😀 … only 1/72 scale version pictured here.

Listed as follows:
1/72 scale (14 units)
1 x MiG-21F Fishbed (not shown, in Finnish marking)
1 x MiG-21U Mongol (USSR marking)
1 x MiG-23 Flogger (USSR marking)
1 x Sopwith Camel (British marking)
1 x Me262 (Nazi marking)
1 x Fouga Magister (West German marking)
1 x Super Etendard (French marking)
1 x Il-28 Beagle (PRC marking)
1 x OA-37 (USAF marking)
1 x F-86E Sabre (USAF marking)
1 x F-51D Mustang (South Korean marking)
1 x Grippen (Swedish marking)
1 x Alpha Jet (spurious marking)
1 x F2H-3 Banshee (USN marking)
1/144 scale (4 units)
1 x B-58 Hustler (not shown, USAF marking)
1 x F-8E Crusader (not shown, US Marine marking)
1 x YF-23 Black Widow (not shown, spurious USAF marking)
1 x YF-22 Lightning II (not shown, spurious USAF marking)
1/48 scale ( 1 unit)
1 x Mirage IIIRS (not shown, spurious French marking)

Gallery of 1/72 VC-00

Total active combined force of VC-00: 19 units
Retired units: 4 units (1/48 F-16A, 1/100 F-14, 1/72 MiG-23, 1/72 F-104)

Units under production/waiting list:
1/72 scale (18 units)
1 x MiG-21MF Fishbed
1 x Su-22M4 Fitter
1 x L-29 Delfin (30%)
1 x Ar234 Blitz (30%)
1 x F4D Skyray
2 x F-8E Crusader
1 x P-51C Mustang
1 x OV-10D Bronco
1 x Fw190D Dora
1 x Ju-87G Stuka
1 x F-8III
1 x F-15E Eagle (50%)
1 x F-14A Tomcat
1 x F-106A Delta Dart
1 x Lightning F Mk.6
1 x F-89D Scorpion
1 x F-84E Thunderjet
1/48 scale ( 1 unit)

1 x MiG-21MF Fishbed

That pretty damn long list, given production rate of 1 aircraft per 2 month (or more) … 😛
That not even counting the ground force units (armours) and mecha units (gundam, etc) … hehehehe … now my room is filled with styrene … better looking for more effective placement and getting an airbrush set for next 2-3 months. 😀

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sindrom pesaKITan …

Posted by tejodeace on 2 April 2009

Sudah tiga hari ini kena sindrom pesaKITan, Level 2 pula. Kalau sudah liat boks-boks kit bertumpuk ingin rasanya segera di selesaikan. Saat itulah sindrom pesaKITan menjangkiti, levelnya sudah lebih tinggi dari simtom terdahulu (Level 1, saat punya kit selalu segera di buat secepat mungkin).

Pandangi dulu artwork di boksnya, lihat baik satu-satu, visualisasikan bagaimana kalau sudah jadi dan terpajang di meja. Pilih kemungkinan terbaik, buka boksnya, perhatikan sprue-nya satu per satu, buka dan pelajari manualnya.



Masukkan semua kembali ke dalam boksnya, kemudian taruh kembali boksnya diantara tumpukan boks-boks kit.

That’s it!!! Sindrom pesaKITan Level 2 … H2C (hayuh-hayuh cicing, ceuk urang sunda mah). Terus kapan jadinya kit-kit tersebut??? Suatu saat nanti yang jelas … 😛


Duh, sebenernya ingin banget ngeKIT, harus jadi satu akhir minggu ini … masih berpikir, melanjutkan Arado Ar234, Aero L-29 Delphin, MDD F-15E Eagle, Cutty Shark, Gundam Astraea, GN-X III, Dendrobium, Zeta Plus C1, P-51D Mustang, atau yang lain …. arrrghhhhh pusing juga. Sebaiknya main HAWX, Lost Planet atau Bioshock dulu (nah loh) …. hahahaha

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Gadgets I (often) Carried

Posted by tejodeace on 23 December 2008

Its life of a “gadgeters”, always (more often, maybe) carrying devices everywhere, anytime. That’s included me; I had several devices that I mostly carried around. Mostly are in form of telephone handset, they are Motorola Zine ZN5, Motorola Rokr E6, Samsung SGH-i550w and Sony PSP (laptop was too big to be considered as portable gadget). Rokr E6 is the oldest one (nearly 2 years in possessions), while others rather new (except PSP, 1 year old).


Motorola Zine ZN5 (top), Motorola Rokr E6 (middle), Sony PSP (bottom)


Samsung SGH-i550w (top right), Motorola Rokr E6 (middle), Sony PSP (bottom), Philips Earplug (above right)

3 telephone handset? No. Actually I only use ZN5 as telephone (and snapshot camera) whiles the i550w served as high-speed modem for mobile internet connection plus GPS navigation aid with secondary telephony function, and the Rokr E6 relegated from phone to multimedia player. PSP is portable gaming console (yeah!).

Little review:

Motorola Zine ZN5


Motorola Zine ZN5 close-up

Linux kernel 2.6 GSM/EDGE phone with embedded 5.0 Mega pixels Kodak camera. Excellent camera quality in good lighting environment, powerful Xenon flash, has panorama mode. Auto focus works very quickly, has macro mode. TFT screen (240×320 pixels, 18-bit colors). Has 3.5mm audio jack with very good audio quality, 400Mb internal memory and fitted with microSD slot (theoretically can accept 32 GB card, since its SDHC slot – sadly it’s not hot swap capable). Has FM Radio too. Using GSM/EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi and micro USB cable (USB 2.0) for communication.

Motorola Zine ZN5 (left) vs. Old and battered Motorola Rokr E6 (right)

Motorola Zine ZN5 (left) vs. Old and battered Motorola Rokr E6 (right)


Back side of Motorola Zine ZN5, showing the Kodak camera module and Xenon Flash


Motorola Zine ZN5 (front) vs. Old Motorola Rokr E6 (back)

Samsung SGH-i550w


Samsung SGH-i550w close-up

Symbian 9.2 S60v3 FP1 GSM/EDGE/3G/HSDPA phone with embedded 3.0 Mega pixels camera with auto focus and LED flash. Camera quality is very good, but auto focus mechanism is slow and an awkward way to shoot (single press trigger, instead of focus-and-snap trigger). TFT screen (240×320 pixels, 18-bit colors). Has 3.5mm audio jack with excellent audio quality. 160Mb internal memory and fitted with SDHC microSD slot (hot swap capable). Has internal GPS receiver (I’m using Garmin Mobile XT as GPS navigation aid). Has FM Radio too. Using GSM/EDGE/3G/HSDPA, Bluetooth 2.0, WiFi and proprietary USB cable (USB 2.0) for communication.


Motorola Rokr E6 (top) vs. Samsung SGH-i550w (bottom)

Samsung SGH-i550w (front) vs. Motorola Rokr E6 (back)

Samsung SGH-i550w (front) vs. Motorola Rokr E6 (back)

Motorola Rokr E6


Trusty Motorola Rokr E6 running RockBox

Linux kernel 2.4 GSM/EDGE phone with embedded 2.0 Mega pixels camera fixed focus with macro mode, no flash. Camera quality is average one. Touch screen TFT  (240×320 pixels, 18-bit colors) Has 3.5mm audio jack with excellent audio quality and dedicated music player control key. 10Mb internal memory and fitted with hot swap-able microSD slot (ordinary one, accept up to 4 GB memory). Has FM Radio. Using GMS/EDGE, Bluetooth 2.0 and mini USB cable (USB 2.0) for communication. Truly hack able phone (well you can install Google Android platform in this phone, Openmoko too, works in progress)

Sony PSP

Nuff said, actually this is Playstation 2 in compact and portable form. Plus it has WiFi.

All of them are companied by single Philips audio earplug (because all of them has 3.5mm audio jack, it saves me from carrying more audio headset).

Except for the PSP, they are cheapest from their group (because I only have limited budget available, plus benefited for being single – well, that s***). But being cheapest from the group doesn’t mean they are less capable. The i550w can stand toe-to-toe with more expensive Nokia N78/E66, and audio quality is better. While the ZN5 can be compared to more expensive Sony Ericsson C905, albeit it’s better in picture quality. Rokr E6? This phone is nearly un-dead and hack able, audio quality is excellent, with RockBox/exmms installed it can play wide range of audio format. PSP – doesn’t really have comparable devices (NDS is different in concept).

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Hilarious Images …

Posted by tejodeace on 15 November 2008

Dapat beberapa gambar kiriman teman, katanya dari pixiv.net. Menurut saya harus di sharing gambar-gambar seperti ini, lucu banget.


Akhirnya register juga di pixiv.net, cari-cari gambar aneh yang lucu-lucu, ternyata memang banyak ..

Beware: situs pixiv.net berbasa Jepang, dan tag kontennya biasanya (kebanyakan) menggunakan bahasa/tulisan Jepang, so kalau pengguna GNU/Linux desktop user bisa install anthy+scim, M$ Windoze bisa install IME Jepang untuk menulis dengan karakter Jepang.

Lagi demen sama Doraemon lagi, ini beberapa diantaranya:


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